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Now you can purchase a Fine Art Print,
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"Photography is the chemistry between the sun and the paper"
-Hatice Besun

About the paper :

Prioritizing quality and longevity, the photograph is printed on Fine Art papers, the most durable photo paper.

The Fine art print is delivered with a white border.

The world.jpg

From the series of Simple 

Simple is an extension of the series "Life is Simple" shown in photobook "Life is simple, Izmir minimal" 2015 ( "Shadows" published on BBC Turkey ) and in solo exhibition, Izmir and Istanbul, Turkey 2016.

From the series of The Frequency   

This exhibition consists of  Hatice Besun's most recognizable works.  Since the beginning of her career as a photographer in 2014, she used and popularize, the camera technique of creating motion and blur. "Perception game" as she calls it.