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Works of Hatice Besun, exhibitions, some published works and even interviews.

Exposition Still searching for the title

This exhibition, titled "Still Searching for the Title," was most recently showcased at the Anatolian Art Festival in October 2022. Click on the photograph to see more from "Still Searching for the Title."

A fiction study on perception

Our brain, trying to establish a similarity between two objects, was the

inspiration for this study.

By choosing the objects (two photographs) as neither opposite nor very

close, I opened ten of the story formations.

And in this case, each observer began to tell her/his own story.

Each photograph of the series was designed as a story, as well as seven

photographs (the whole series) as a single story.

Each photograph was created by taking a joint print from two photographs.

Created the fiction title "still searching for the title" and there is no common

title( no common story) Thus "No title »


`- Still searching for the title, Hatice Besun

From the series of The Frequency 

This exhibition consists of Hatice Besun's most recognizable works, showcasing her signature style. Since the beginning of her career as a photographer in 2014, she has utilized and popularized a camera technique involving motion and blur, which she refers to as the 'Perception game,' blurring the lines between movement and stillness.

No matter how hard we try to root, we are energies that vibrate constantly.

- Frequency, Hatice Besun

Exhibition of I had a dream

Published photographs from the series "I Had a Dream" are soon to be featured in a private exhibition. This exhibition showcases Hatice Besun's series of "I Had a Dream," offering a small preview and including interviews about the upcoming exhibition.

Time and space are perhaps only a perception and a semantic construct. For me, timelessness and space are reality. We perceive this best when asleep, in the dream world.
We cannot describe the places in dreams. For example, we remember the door; there are no walls. Both inside and outside, both the audience and the player.  Or was it yesterday? Was it tomorrow? When? And time perception disappears.

-I had a dream, Hatice Besun

From the photographs of Music

Hatice Besun's photographs of Music regroups some of her commercial works as album covers, event photographs from underground music scene in Chicago, Milwaukee, New York and more.


To see more of Hatice Besun's Archive visit Life Page.

Exposition Life is simple

"Life is Simple" is a solo exhibition by Hatice Besun consisting of her minimal works, held in Izmir and Istanbul, Turkey in 2016. All the pieces from this collection have been sold out.


It is as if our brain, which establishes similarities and connections between objects, is making us write stories.

The multiplicity of objects and the weak similarities between them seem to be

dragging us into a sea of stories that do not belong to us.

On the other hand, a single or a few objects calm us down and fix us in

this world where we feel as if we are floating.

And so the story is just me.

- Life is simple, Hatice Besun

From the series of La Vague

This exhibition consists of Hatice Besun's inner world and the artist's emotional landscapes. It is a reflection of the artist's emotional journey. Through this unique combination of self-portraiture and landscape photography, Besun invites audiences to contemplate the interplay between personal introspection and external surroundings. 


From the series of Simple

"Simple" is an extension of the series "Life is Simple," which was partially showcased in the photobook "Life is Simple, Izmir Minimal" in 2015 (with "Shadows" published on BBC Turkey), as well as in a solo exhibition held in Izmir and Istanbul, Turkey in 2016. "Simple" is an open edition series.

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